Colleges & Public Institutions

Digital Asset Management for Education & Public Institutions

Organize all the assets that tell the story of your institution in one place.


It takes a lot of content to support all the students, departments, and programs at universities.

With digital asset management (DAM) for Education, you can now create a searchable, shareable library of your institution’s:

    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Audios
    • Documents
    • Other Creative Assets

What is Digital Asset Management Software for Education & Public Institutions?

One System for All

Keep all the digital assets used in your community or school, such as education materials, training resources, photos and videos from events, in one place. Make them accessible from anywhere.

Media Support for Universities

Share multiple assets or entire collections and add or remove assets at any time. Sharing and collaboration can take place across branches and departments, as well as with the public.

A Scalable, Edu-friendly Architecture

Run ioMoVo DAM on a single server or across hundreds of computers (nodes), it is guaranteed that process-intensive tasks, such as video archiving, workflows don't affect the user experience.

Why Is Digital Asset Management So Important for Colleges and Universities?

Create & Distribute Marketing Collateral

Manage all your campus, sporting, and event images, logos, and videos in a single media library. You can also establish access permissions and access rights for students, staff, and much more.

AI-powered Content Discovery

Take advantage of Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) at a level that is right for your projects and search images based on color, people count, gender, age, and more.

Collaborations with Key Audiences

Easily collect assets from individuals, agencies, or others, and distribute them to anyone with sharing links or branded portals. ioMoVo lets you create polished and curated collections for any kind of audience.

Self-serve Access for Campuses & Partners

Provide users with the ability to find content with advanced search through the use of event names, programs, and other unique identifiers. Users can save and share frequently used searches that include filters for asset names, color, approval status, date, and file types.

How ioMoVo DAM Helps Educational Institutions?

Get a Cloud-based Digital Library

ioMoVo stores digital assets in a cloud-based library and allows access to photos and videos with a single click.

Protect Your Brand

ioMoVo DAM solution enables you to ensure that only on-brand assets are utilized across all campuses and departments, as well as maintaining that all images are relevant.

Distribute Content Easily

ioMoVo enables cross-team cooperation as well as easy navigation between videos, course materials, and presentations.

Capture Live Coverage of Educational Events

Using ioMoVo, you may capture, share, and publish photos and videos from live events. This has allowed schools to broadcast live coverage of events to parents and families throughout the world.

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Frequently asked questions about DAM for Education

DAM systems allow businesses to store, organize, search, retrieve, and share all of their digital material in one location.

Digital asset management (DAM) software for universities and colleges leverages the facility of storing, organizing, and distributing rich media files in a central location.

A digital asset management system (DAM) assists universities and colleges in managing their material and laying a solid basis for their long-term digital strategy. It also serves as a single repository for all visual assets such as images, videos, graphics, logos, and more.

    • Keeping the company’s brand and image consistent across departments, programs, and campuses
    • Using many avenues to connect with potential students, donors, and alumni
    • Keeping an ever-expanding archive of fundraising, event, sporting, and alumni-related media
    • When using images and videos of pupils, managing and monitoring media rights is essential
    • Creating marketing material in a timely manner across fragmented marketing and IT divisions
    • Archiving old and out-of-date images and videos from previous years and events
    • Connect the media with the appropriate model release forms to ensure that all media rights are tracked
    • Reduce the time it takes to sell fresh content by eliminating the requirement to request media from IT
    • Save and restore the school’s heritage by preserving valuable historic content
There are 5 must-have features and functions for the education sector when it comes to choosing a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.
    • Uploading and Sharing Capabilities
    • Robust metadata tagging
    • Cloud-based options
    • Integration
    • Video Indexing

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