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ioMoVo brings all your photos, videos, documents and more together in one platform, and gives you the right tools to actually use your content.

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ioMoVo ioCloud

ioMoVo ioCloud is the core platform that allows content upload, exchange, and storage. It houses our secure native cloud platform. In ioCloud, you can create and store digital content, send it to our AI Engine for analysis, and even publish it to various mediums. Some of ioCloud’s highlighted features are:

Integration Hub

The integration hub gives users the freedom to build their own storage. Users can connect all their common cloud storage accounts that they own and manage them in one location. You can copy and move content between any of your connected accounts, along with ioCloud. ioMoVo’s search capabilities extend to all your connected accounts, so one search will cover ALL your content regardless of where it lives. It includes the following features:

AI Engine

AI Engine brings advanced AI-based capabilities to your content and media. It can analyze your videos and automatically generate the appropriate tags and labels that become searchable. Video analysis will also transcribe any audio and provide insights such as sentiment analysis. Users also have the capability to translate this transcription and burn captions. The video analysis is the first of several upcoming AI capabilities that our AI Engine will empower. It includes the following features:

How We are Different

We have an array of unique features under four primary areas that set us apart in the industry and stand out from competitors. 

Connect ioMoVo with multiple cloud services to manage files in one platform
Save time and money with advanced integration services to seamlessly connect
AI-powered cognitive search capabilities for all your content
Remove redundant and manual work with cross-platform capabilities

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