Digital Asset Management For Photographers

ioMoVo makes storing, managing and sharing images easier than ever for all kinds of photographers.


As a photographer, managing digital assets is a full-time job, but today you can make it quick and easy with ioMoVo DAM.

Starting from the moment you snap a picture, Digital Asset Management for photographers includes all the actions needed to take to achieve the final result. You can transfer and rename files with DAM programs, add metadata and keywords, filter and select images, edit and print pictures, and create backup copies to keep your files safe. You manage digital assets (DAM) from the moment you capture a photo to the moment you publish it.Photographers Digital Asset Management software allows you to:

  • Search for images in a matter of seconds
  • Control privacy and copyright options for images
  • Store images in a secure portal
  • Maintain timely access to images among different channels
  • Enjoy native cloud storage
  • Keywords Mapping
  • Synchronization with different devices

Why Is Media Asset Management So Important For Your Photography Business?

Organization & Tracking

Photographers capture a great number of images every day, which poses a challenge to manage, organize, and keep track of additional images. With ioMoVo in place, you can streamline this process and scale your photography business.

Storage, Backup & Retrieval

When you encounter an emergency such as hardware failure, computer theft, fire, or water damage, you need to be able to safely retrieve your client’s photoshoots. Back up your files externally using ioMoVo cloud storage in case of an emergency.

Manage Visuals Using Metadata

Metadata provides deeper information about data. They describe your photos or provide information about rights and administration. When you add metadata to your photos, you make them more discoverable.

Share Files Externally

Publish online albums and share them with clients. Decide if they wish to download the originals or view a preview in the browser. With ioMoVo, there is no need to use an external tool to share with clients.

How ioMoVo DAM helps Photographers?

Organize Photos The Way You Want

With ioMoVo, you can organize your photos in a way that is logical for your team or organization, so anyone can find the image they want. 


Thanks to different levels of permissions, secure file sharing without the use of heavy email attachments, external hard drives, or on-premise servers is assured with ioMoVo. 

Convenient Search

Using ioMoVo’s taxonomy and metadata-based system, you will be able to manage your search; and by specifying what type of image you are seeking, you will be able to narrow your results. 

Easy Collaboration

With ioMoVo, you can assign, review, and approve images right within your image database. You can share files with your team and external parties using a single solution without leaving your image database. 

Get Insights

Photo management software allows you to see who is using your company images. Using reports, you can track which images employees prefer and make those images accessible directly from the homepage of your portal. 


If you need to push files to social channels, your CMS, or third-party distribution services, with ioMoVo you can do so from within your image database, without using an external tool. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management and describes everything a photographer does with their image files from the moment they begin to download them from their cameras or memory cards. 

With photography DAM software, photographers can easily and securely share files with clients, in-house stakeholders, print shops, and other users. By providing each image with information about the photographer, the date of the shoot, usage rights and other technical information, you can ensure your hard work is protected. 

Digital asset management is a more advanced form of photo management software. As a DAM user, you get all the features of photo management software, but it is designed to effectively manage all digital files instead of just images. In this way, your organization can manage all assets, including videos and PDFs, and raw files.

ioMoVo’s Digital Asset Management for photographers includes all the steps you need to complete to get the final result, from snapping a photo all the way through to editing. You can easily move and rename files, add metadata, edit images, as well as create backup copies as an additional layer of security. 

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