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Digital Asset Management for Media and Broadcast Companies

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Today's broadcasters face increased challenges in preparing and delivering digital video quickly and efficiently. A growing number of screens and platforms now require more content to be delivered.

Processes for converting assets from one format to another require new workflows and tools, all of which add to the complexity of operations. Is there a way to streamline these operations? Absolutely.

The ioMoVo DAM has been fully integrated and is capable of fully functioning as a content ecosystem. Thereby reducing the need for traditional DAM file management, uploads, and downloads since ioMoVo DAM for broadcast companies can handle all file management in one place.

Having access to efficient ways to find, share, and distribute images for broadcasters, with potentially millions of digital assets stored in ioMoVo’s DAM, the average broadcast company has a massive media library to maintain. Book a demo to learn more. 

Why Is Digital Asset Management So Important for Media and Broadcasting Companies?

Manage a Wealth of Media

A single location manages photography, video, audio, and graphics with little administrative effort. With smart metadata and unparalleled search, files can be found instantly – even among millions of high-resolution assets.

Maximize Your Content's Value

By supplying your people with the media they need, ioMoVo eliminates barriers between them and their work. Users can find and prepare content with little to no assistance thanks to built-in cropping and formatting tools.

Scale Securely

Elastic scalability, in which the digital asset management system’s performance capabilities are synchronized with your company’s daily demands. A highly appealing and efficient option for any size of business.

How ioMoVo DAM Helps Media and Broadcast Companies?

Easy Employ

Your company’s media files and metadata enter through the ioMoVo Digital Asset Management system. The DAM system will handle, convert, and report on all elements of your media, including files, formats, and metadata, at this stage in your process.

Automatic Metadata

Customizable metadata model of ioMoVo summarizes basic information about data, which makes finding & working with your media easier.

Multiplatform Accessibility

ioMoVo is a media DAM that integrates with your IT infrastructure and digital channels. Use ioMoVoR extension feature – that allows you to combine all of your drives onto one platform, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, OneDrive, and many others.

100% Security

ioMoVo DAM’s powerful media rights management features act as your digital gatekeeper. Access information about user rights and copyrights, manage usage rights for each asset. Know embargo and expiry dates, and keep track of all an asset’s prior and current uses.

Internal Collaboration and Transparency

ioMoVo’s content ecosystem, without a doubt, provides a high level of internal openness, making it simple for staff to understand where to get images and how to utilize them.

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Frequently asked questions about DAM for Broadcast Companies

    • No assets lost
    • Improved brand consistency through streamlined cooperation
    • Improved access control
    • Insights on content and use of statistics
    • Increased security
    • Expanded integrations

The ioMoVo DAM serves broadcasters as a content ecosystem, eliminating the need for traditional DAM file management, uploads, and downloads because ioMoVo can handle all files management in one location.

DAM technologies for media and broadcasting organizations may link directly with business processes, allowing workflows to be streamlined by automating asset management.

ioMoVo DAM is capable of storing anything. A digital library of media files is referred to as a “DAM system.” Images, photographs, creative works, movies, audio files, presentations, papers, and so much more are managed.

With over a million digital assets saved in ioMoVo’s DAM and access to efficient ways to locate, share, and distribute photographs for broadcasters, broadcasters can manage digital assets with DAM easily.

DAM was once primarily utilized for rich media assets, such as photographs and videos, that were used to produce interactive web advertisements. But today’s broadcasters have more difficulties in swiftly creating and distributing digital footage. An increasing number of displays and devices now necessitates the delivery of more content. Therefore, with ioMoVo, DAM has grown into a two-pronged system that manages all the organization’s digital assets, including large video files, relevant marketing content, and metadata.

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