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AI Engine

Your only online video asset management that caters to all your needs. 

AI Engine is a video cloud add-on that brings advanced media services like video captioning, video distribution, video transcribe, video translate, and video index to the masses. You can change the way your customers view videos. It increases engagement by 2X, simplifies navigation, and increases your videos’ views by 200%. 


Create Your Own Searchable Video Library

AI Engine does for video what web search engines do for the web. AI Engine enabled media library software watches your videos, analyzes them, labels and indexes all the events, so you don’t have to.

What AI Engine Can Search For You?


Advanced Features of AI Engine

Video Indexing

AI Engine segments your videos into topics based on facial recognition, voice recognition, and content recognition, helping your users navigate to a specific topic of interest in each video. It is like having a digital textbook at your fingertips. You’ll get a better viewing experience and higher engagement. 

All Key Phrases In One Place

Each video has key phrases defining its context and content. AI Engine video digital asset management analyzes your entire video and, using computer vision and deep learning techniques translates it into a word cloud. The user can click on each phrase to track its occurrence throughout the video. This makes navigating videos a lot easier! 

Translate and Transcribe

Automatically transcribe and translate any video or audio file in more than 100 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, English, and many more. AI Engine is your video Transcribe Software that can detect and analyze a wide range of languages, enabling users to refer to transcripts easily. AI Engine will convert your speech to text on the fly, and this is way faster than typing.

Video Search Made Easy

A lot of videos in your library are great but finding the right one in the pile isn’t. AI Engine is interactive video collaboration software that uses AI-powered metadata to enable enterprises to have their own mini video search engine that parses and lists relevant videos, saving you thousands of productive hours.

Automatic Captioning

Create and apply automatic closed captions to any video or audio file with AI Engine. Simply click and burn captions on your videos in any of the 57 available languages to cater your content to a global audience. AI Engine also allows you to add your own captions and then edit them quickly and easily.

Do you need full access to these features?

AI Engine makes video marketing

How AI Engine Video Dashboard Works?


Upload any video or audio file you need to your AI Engine Project.


Analyze and label the events in your video automatically.


Automate translation, transcription, and subtitle creation for your video.


Export your video as an MP4 or directly to the program.


Publish your work on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video asset management is a type of software designed to meet the growing demand for videos. It allows you to create high-quality marketing videos quickly and easily without having any video editing skills. All video assets are conveniently stored in a centralized library and can be retrieved, shared, and distributed automatically across channels. 

Video content creation is still a major challenge for most companies. Creating each asset one at a time is not enough to keep up with the massive volume and rapid turnaround of digital marketing. 

An organization seeking to expand its video output needs a software solution that facilitates the entire creative process, from creation to delivery.

A digital asset management system like AI Engine can organize other files besides video as well so that everyone is on the same page. When video assets are conveniently stored in a DAM, they’re always up to date, on-brand, and available to the right people. 

AI Engine offers a powerful file-filter structure tailored to your use case, enabling you to quickly find what you need. Video files are given meta properties upon upload, which are then used to filter results when searching for that specific video. 

AI Engine allows you to version control all your files. In this way, when a video is updated or edited, the original file is automatically overwritten, so you do not need to reshare. Using collections or setting permissions and expiration dates, assets are shared conveniently and securely without ever compromising brand identity.

Video management software, such as AI Engine enabled DAM and video distribution platform, offers a few features that can be useful to marketers across the entire lifecycle of video content and can help them: 

  • Optimize ad platforms through effective testing and optimization of content variations. 
  • Easily resize creative assets to fit online and social media ad formats. 
  • Easily adapt content to local markets and languages. 
  • Segment and personalize your images and copy to target specific customer segments. 
  • Provide distributors, resellers, and third parties with the tools to create brand-compliant content. 
  • Create data-driven assets and automate content updates.

A video asset management system is essential since video requires high bandwidth and storage capacity. Video asset management software streamlines the entire video production process, from recording to editing to raw file storage and distribution.  

To make sure you can easily access what you need whenever you need it, VAM names its files using tags. This makes it easy for departments such as marketing and sales to customize content. By naming your video assets, you and your team are always using the right version, which saves a lot of time. The VAM software makes this a reality even more for companies that use it since employees across all departments will no longer need to request files-they can simply search the VAM software for what they need. 

Content chaos weighs creative teams down, preventing them from creating unique, powerful marketing campaigns that positively impact the bottom line. 

VAM is an essential tool for creators and marketers alike. Anyone who works with video assets will be able to benefit from video asset management software, as it simplifies the process of organizing, finding, and distributing video files.  

Using VAM, marketing and sales teams can access video content in a variety of formats from anywhere at any time. The centralized storage of video assets can help standardize a brand’s identity by ensuring that content is brand-friendly across creatives from various parties.  

VAM technology can be used to collaborate on production processes. Individuals working on the production team can be granted permission to modify specific video assets. Video asset management software securely stores raw video, final video, and archived video assets. Team members can even repurpose video content from this high-level organization for future projects.  

The video content management tool can be used by executives for video training, remote onboarding, and even to analyze video performance.  

Since video files tend to be large, the amount of storage you need will greatly influence your search for the best video asset management system for your organization.   

You should also consider these additional features when looking for a video asset management system: 

  • Integrate your hardware and software 
  • An intelligently organized file system 
  • Advanced search capabilities 
  • Ability to change file formats 
  • Cloud-based digital asset management 
  • Customization 
  • Scalability 
  • Security protocols and content encryption

Yes. AI Engine lets you automatically transcribe, and translate video or audio files in more than 100 languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, English, and more. AI Engine is your video transcription software that can detect and analyze a wide range of languages, enabling users to easily access transcripts. AI Engine converts your speech to text on the fly, and it is much faster than typing.   

100%. You can add automatic closed captions to any video or audio file with AI Engine. Using our captioning tool, you can easily add captions to your videos in any of the 57 available languages. AI Engine also allows you to add your own captions and then edit them easily.   

Although a video asset management platform cannot replace clear thinking and best marketing practices, there are proactive steps you can take on your part to ensure your video asset management platform performs to its full potential, including: 

  • Involve key stakeholders: A good way to ensure stakeholder involvement in the decision-making process is to involve them right at the outset.   
  • Identify your current resources: To best leverage your video assets, you need to identify what content you have (and what you need) and how those assets are being used. You can do this by auditing your existing video assets. Incorporate all relevant teams (sales, IT, marketing, and anyone else involved in creating and managing video assets) into the analysis.  
  • Defining your goals: How will video asset management benefit your business? What is your plan for getting from where you are now to where you want to be in terms of the amount of time, money, and effort? Set realistic goals that are measurable and attainable.   
  • Decide your selection criteria: What you need to do is decide which video asset management platform is best for your business. Every business is different, so it is up to you to determine what your software needs are. As you determine your software needs, consider your objectives. 
  • Select a VAM product that fits your workstyle: Each day, your employees will use your video asset management platform. Choosing a product that your people won’t be comfortable with is probably a bad idea.  

An automated video asset management system will manage your production from ingestion into editing software, raw file storage, production, to distribution (perhaps through YouTube or social media sites). By using naming conventions (such as tags or metadata), video asset management will make it easy to find video content you need when you need it and customize it for specific marketing campaigns. Using video asset management properly will allow salespeople to use your final video products without causing confusion (for example, your sales team will know what video content is ready for use, and they won’t get in trouble with marketing). 

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