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ioMoVo at NAB Show, Las Vegas 2022

ioMoVo will be attending NAB SHOW Las Vegas 2022— check us out and discover how ioMoVo is simplifying Cloud Media Management and Collaboration Systems using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that work together to redefine traditional media solutions. 

Digital Asset Management and Artificial Intelligence

Traditional Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are limited by the need to manually enter metadata. But thanks to ioMoVo’s innovative, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, users can integrate their legacy digital storage and automate metadata creation. ioMoVo’s AI-assisted image and video search is the next evolution of digital asset management. Object, voice and facial recognition combined with text search make content more discoverable, more intelligent, and most important, more valuable. 

What can you expect? 

    • 1:1 Sessions – Schedule time to ask us to anything & share your feedback
    • Get premium access to our live product for free [instead of a boring demo] 
    • Discuss opportunities to become a valuable partner of ioMoVo [Let’s Grow Together] 
    • Learn how we can customize our SaaS solution for your organization
    • Discover how our technology can solve your real day-to-day problems, easily and intuitively

Intelligent Content has become an essential part of the media production and distribution process. 

The key is “getting to know” the metadata associated with your files.  As a result, the ability to extract metadata is a critical part of your workflow. Thanks to this data, your content will now be more easily discovered, repurposed, and shared.

ioMovo can help you to “Get to Know” your content.   ioMovo employs a state-of-the-art AI-based metadata extraction tool that simplifies the indexing of video files.  Once a file has been indexed, it becomes “intelligent” and the extracted metadata can be used for a variety of purposes that include: 

    • Newsgathering – transcribing and logging interviews, translation of non-native speakers; ability to capture and index social media 
    • Marketing – content metadata for distribution channels 
    • News archival research – logging and indexing old videos 
    • Collaboration – sharing access to media files across an enterprise or for a production team 

Set up an appointment today with one of our “Intelligent Content” specialists at ioMoVo and learn how easy it can be to “Get to Know” your content.  

Meet ioMoVo’s TEAM at 2022 NAB Show Event, Las Vegas [Your Media, Anywhere]


Jay Hajeer



Karina Rose

Marketing Manager

Featuring Cloud Media Management, and Collaboration Solution



ioMoVo is a free Cloud Media Management and Collaboration platform that provides you:

    • ioCloud storage 
    • Microsoft identity management & security built-in
    • Easy, simple, and secure sharing
    • Audit access anytime
    • Screen recording 
    • File format conversion – Video/Audio/Photos 
    • Invite team members / User roles

Integration Hub


ioMoVoR integration hub enables users to seamlessly connect multiple external cloud storage accounts in one platform. It provides you with features such as:

    • Multi-cloud connectivity – Bring Your Own Storage 
    • Advanced search capability across connected clouds
    • Multi-Cloud – Screen recording/capture
    • Synchronize storage between any cloud
    • Copy/Move/Delete/Share

AI Engine


AI Engine brings professional-grade media capabilities with features such as:

    • Video analyzer – Facial recognition, voice recognition, content recognition, auto metadata and tagging
    • Natural language processing
    • Speech to text recognition – Transcription
    • Speaker identification
    • Translate into more than 100 languages
    • Burn captions on videos in 57 languages

Frequently Asked Questions

Book your appointment here to meet ioMoVo expert at Las Vegas or register your entry by directly contacting us at +1 (202) 239-6247.

Book an appointment at the NAB Show 2022 for an exclusive meeting session with our experts, with just one click. Register your entry from the Contact Us page or Call us at +1 (202) 239-6247 and book your meeting with us directly. 

Here are the steps you can follow to meet our experts at NAB show.  

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Visit NAB show 2022 in Las Vegas, meet our ioMoVo experts, and collect your freebie directly. Or Call us at +1 (202) 239-6247. 

Book an appointment at the NAB Show 2022 for an exclusive meeting session with ioMoVo’s CEO Jay Hazeer and find out how ioMoVo is disrupting cloud computing and cloud media management industry with its powerful platform.  

You may also register your entry here or call us at +1 (202) 239-6247 and book your meeting with our CEO directly. 

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