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Connect to any Cloud Storage and move your data anywhere you like.


ioMoVoR gives you the ability to connect your other cloud storage/drives and move or sync your data as needed. You have full control over what data is stored where – on ioMoVo or another cloud storage account that you own.

Choose your provider

The ioMoVo platform allows users to integrate with the most common cloud storage options currently available such as : Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and even AWS S3 among many others.


You Decide Where Your Data is Stored

Users can easily move files between all their integrated storage, even allowing for a full migration from one storage to another – for example from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Search All your Content

Our advanced search capability allows users to search across all their connected storage accounts with one single search.

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Advance Search Capabilities

Get moving faster with ioMoVo’s cognitive search and metadata tagging features. Get precise and most relevant search results instantly without wasting time on rummaging through your files and media.

Edit Documents

Edit and save your files while on the go. With ioMoVo, you can share content limitlessly, provide comments and annotations to your team members, play 4K Ultra HD videos and lots more!

Schedule Syncs

Users can schedule synchronizations, which means at the scheduled date and time, the selected content will automatically get updated and sync across the specified storages.

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