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ioMoVo is the core end-to-end platform that includes a native storage service. ioMoVo is subscription-based with either annual or month-to-month terms and rates. There are various plans to suite everyone’s needs from a Free plan to custom Enterprise plans. Each plan provides access benefits such as:

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Easy Uploads

Upload multiple files or folders at one time from any of your devices’ storage locations. Easily manage your content while maintaining full control.

Native Storage

Store your digital assets securely using ioMoVo’s cloud storage. Have your content anywhere you are with a flexible platform that works on any device.

Secure Sharing

Share and collaborate on your files or folders without worrying about file system limitations or compromising on control and security.

Easy Collaboration

Stay connected in real time through breezy uploads and file sharing with no limitations. ioMoVo makes it easy to collaborate with your friends, family or colleagues.

Store Anything

Store and backup all your media and data. From presentations and documents to images and videos, backup everything in any size and any format.

Security First

Transfer and exchange your data without worrying about any security compromise. Our robust security framework ensures our customers can share files with confidence on the cloud.


Access your files and content from anywhere and at anytime. ioMoVo offers a seamless user experience across desktops and mobile devices alike, so that you stay on top of things – always.

Experience the one app you need for all your digital assets

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