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Insurers and financial marketers are under more pressure than ever to remain compliant while simultaneously dealing with things like remote teams, changing regulations, and ever-growing asset libraries.
The right DAM (Digital Asset Management), like ioMoVo, can enable a marketing team to do more, faster.  The ioMoVo DAM has been completely integrated and can serve as a complete content ecosystem. Because ioMoVo DAM for broadcast firms can handle all file management in one location, it eliminates the need for traditional DAM file management.  With millions of digital assets saved in ioMoVo’s DAM, the average broadcast firm has a vast media library to maintain, and having access to efficient ways to search, share, and distribute photos is a must for finance and insurance companies. 

Gain Full Control and Secure your Digital Assets with ioMoVo

  • ioCloud storage
  • Microsoft identity management & security built-in
  • Easy, simple, and secure sharing
  • Audit access anytime
  • Screen recording
  • File format conversion – Video / Audio / Photo
  • Invite team members / User roles

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Integration Hub
  • Multi-cloud connectivity – Bring Your Own Storage
  • Advanced search capability across connected clouds
  • Multi-Cloud – Screen recording / capture
  • Synchronize storage between any cloud
  • Copy / Move / Delete / Share

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AI Engine
  • Video analyzer – Facial recognition, voice recognition, content recognition, auto metadata and tagging
  • Natural language processing
  • Speech to text recognition – Transcription
  • Speaker identification
  • Translate into more than 100 languages
  • Burn captions on videos in 57 languages

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Why Do Finance and Insurance Companies Choose ioMoVo for Their Digital Asset Management Needs?

Intuitive Asset Management

Legacy DAM systems tend to insist that all material fall neatly into specified categories. But what if the information doesn’t fit that mold, or if each group of users has their own viewpoints and priorities? ioMoVo DAM system is easily adaptable for teams, allowing each user to view the information that is important to them and manage their assets intuitively.

Highly Scalable

Any new solution must be to scale to cope with increasing digital asset sizes and quantities in order to assure its long-term viability. ioMoVo, your contemporary DAM, can manage enormous search volumes, complex searches, and speedy, full-text asset and metadata searches, as well as stimulate worldwide collaboration and content reuse with fast file transfers – even for the biggest file formats.

Asset Production and a Single Source of Truth

ioMoVo is a leading DAM that acts as a centralized repository for all asset creation. It employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enable autonomous tagging and metadata creation.

Instant Asset Control

A disjointed approach to digital asset management invites not just inefficiency, but also risk. A modern DAM ioMoVo, on the other hand, will provide for precise user-level and asset-level restrictions, ensuring that no user has access to anything they shouldn’t.

ioMoVo Helps Major Finance, Banking, and Insurance Companies Overcome Daily Challenges

Manage Brand and Campaign Content

Connect assets to all your favorite apps to streamline marketing operations. Make on-brand marketing collateral with our templating module or maintain brand assets are up to date with our brand module. 

Discover Files with Smart Search

Is there a specific photograph of someone you’re looking for? You can browse any photograph they appear in with only a few clicks. Face recognition, word extraction, and AI-assisted tagging are just a few of the smart search features that saves you hours of work and makes your data searchable right away. 

Scale Content Delivery by Empowering Your Team

ioMoVo eliminates time-consuming asset requests for busy financial and insurance companies. People may self-access approved material and find, modify, and repurpose it, avoiding duplication of effort. 

Smart Auto-Tagging

Keeping track of your brand assets might be difficult when you have a lot of them. Unless you have a full-fledged DAM system that automatically offers keyword tags for your product names, consumer segments, and senior management.

Extend and Integrate

Do you need a media DAM that works with your existing IT infrastructure and digital channels? Then the integration Hub feature is for you. A solution that lets you integrate all your drives, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, OneDrive, and many others, onto one platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • A digital asset is anything that an organization may use to produce value that is digitally recorded and uniquely identified. Digital assets in finance include documents, audio, video, logos, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and websites.

Financial institutions may use digital asset management (DAM) systems to store, organize, search, retrieve, and distribute their complete digital material inventory from a single location. A unified DAM system gives restricted access to their full digital content library—including photographs, photos, creative files, video, music, presentations, documents, and more—to peers, employees, clients, contractors, and other critical stakeholders.

Whether old or new, companies in these marketplaces have no choice but to work hard to make their brands appealing through a massive amount of documents in an omnichannel setting. Unsurprisingly, in these marketplaces, no document can be released to the public without first receiving approval from a number of departments, including product management, legal, and ethics. DAM is required to not only perform exact validation circuits but also to keep track of all modifications in order to ensure the traceability of exchanges in line with various requirements. 

ioMoVo DAM stores practically anything, including pictures, images, creative works, videos, audio files, presentations, papers, and a whole lot more are all taken care of. 

DAM systems can assist financial services and insurance marketing teams in transitioning from a cost center to a revenue generator, but they must first evaluate their content’s ROI in order to invest in the types of content that perform well. DAM also tells marketing teams which channels the material is being used on, as well as how customers are engaging with it.

DAM was created with the intention of storing rich media assets such as photographs and videos for use in interactive web marketing. Financial companies and insurance sectors nowadays have more difficulties in generating and distributing digital assets swiftly. Due to the increasing number of displays and devices, more content must be given. Thanks to ioMoVo, DAM has grown into a two-pronged system that manages all the company’s digital assets, including large video files, relevant marketing content, and metadata. 

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