Digital Asset Management for Journalists

Manage millions of assets in one system and collaborate more efficiently in your newsroom through multichannel publishing.


One central point for production, distribution, and management

Getting a story from the camera to the audience needs careful asset selection, efficient processes, compelling storytelling, the capacity to meet tight schedules, and complete control over each and every asset.
    • Furthermore, journalists find themselves increasingly stressed by the complicated content distribution environment; challenges in operations and risk management; and the lack of an auto-publishing capability for syndicated news material.With ioMoVo, you and your team can store, manage, and distribute content directly from your PC or mobile device. It’s the perfect app for journalists or agencies that need to ensure efficient production at any moment.Schedule a demo with one of our specialists to see how ioMoVo can help you optimize your production procedures.

Why Is Digital Asset Management So Important for Journalists?

Boost efficiency

Collaborate with journalists by giving them access to all of your media assets worldwide and allowing them to upload new ones at any time.

Find the right assets

A smart media library and a single source of truth, ioMoVo DAM helps you discover the right assets for every story, every media format, and every channel.

One central archive

ioMoVo DAM connects and archives all uploaded, published, and saved assets and variants for you in one place.

Work smarter, together

ioMoVo keeps news production on track from the first draft to the final story. Reuse content and increase collaboration across newsrooms.

How ioMoVo DAM Helps Journalists?

Store and Research, Quick and Simple

Collecting and finding digital assets should be easy. Sit back and let ioMoVo do the hard work for you.

    • Import any asset type: images, videos, audio files, and more
    • Search for specific content via keywords in no time at all
    • Assets are automatically analyzed, tagged, and stored centrally with a full-text index

Ease Multichannel Publishing

New content, such as wire footage or editorial photographs, can be archived in a media-neutral way and made available to downstream news production systems.

    • Use your assets for several publications and channels
    • Prepare assets for story-first approaches
    • Drag and drop them into the proper templates
    • Share content with third party systems

Integrate and Extend

Need a media DAM that connects with your tech stack and digital channels? Use the extensible ioMoVoR. A feature that allows you to integrate all of your drives such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, OneDrive and many more into one platform.

    • Integrate your own storage with all the popular cloud storage options
    • Manage your cloud storage accounts directly and move files between accounts easily
    • Browse your cloud accounts, files, media, and metatags with ease
    • Sync your files and content automatically

Analyze Video in Seconds

Have multiple videos in your storage? No worries. Get these videos Indexed and Translated in seconds.

    • Use our AI to analyze your videos and recognize faces, voices, characters and much more
    • Get metatags for a better discovery
    • Translate your videos and transcribe them in any language
    • Convert videos to any format with one click
    • Get subtitles for your videos with fast burn captioning
    • Publish on YouTube and Vimeo directly from the app

Keep Your Assets Safe

As your digital gatekeeper, rely on ioMoVo DAM’s strong media rights management features.

    • Access information about usage rights and copyrights
    • Manage usage rights for each asset
    • Know embargo and expiration dates
    • Keep track of all an asset’s previous and present uses

Recommended Content for DAM Software for Education Purposes

Frequently asked questions about DAM for Education

    • Centralize digital assets in a single area to ensure file consistency and integrity, as well as a uniform history of all file modifications.
    • Standardize several characteristics of digital assets, such as size, formats, names, and categories, to make them more accessible and editable.
    • Distribute digital assets to workers and vendors who will need to use them.

One of the most significant aims in today’s newsrooms is easy and speedy content development. Journalists rely on digital materials to help them work more efficiently. They can more easily identify and access all digital content with the help of a DAM system. It serves as the central repository for all historical and present media assets.

The ioMoVo DAM solution, which is ideal for everyone in the media and entertainment business, will help you enhance your visual storytelling and media management as a journalist.

ioMoVo DAM can hold anything. The term “DAM system” refers to a digital library for media files. You can manage everything including images, pictures, creative works, videos, audio files, presentations, documents, and much more.

DAM software may enhance operational efficiency by 65 percent, brand management among workers and external sources by 46 percent, and marketing ROI by 45 percent for media firms.

Journalists may put together and download a media basket with credits and captions using a digital asset management system like ioMoVo. DAM allows you to work with files in a variety of formats since it maintains them automatically without the use of specialist software. As a result, the organization will be able to save money on software licensing.

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