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Organize brand-compliant local marketing materials easily and reduce brand risk.


Do you know that the US alone has more than 800,000 franchise locations? Any type of product or service you can think of, there's probably a franchise for it.

Whether it’s hotels, haircuts, vitamins, or restaurants – there are plenty of franchise opportunities in the US and globally.

However, when visiting a franchise, customers expect:

  • Same Consistency,
  • Same brand,
  • Same Product/Service.

Some famous restaurants go through great lengths to make sure that their food tastes and smells the same, even in different countries! A franchise operation needs to be able to establish and secure its brand comprehensively.

This means that as these opportunities grow, so does the list of challenges that franchise marketers and franchisees must overcome. As a result, an increasing number of franchise organizations are implementing technological platforms, such as digital asset management for franchises, to establish procedures that enhance brand integrity and empower franchisees to be successful.   

For franchisors who must provide branded materials to franchisees, digital asset management (DAM) technology is the catalyst for value. Additionally, it offers franchisees 24/7 access to essential branding and training resources.  

Challenges of Successful Franchises

Since every franchise location is unique, it faces its own challenges. Some of the most common reasons franchises fail are:

No Support for Early opportunities

While big brands offer the majority of franchise opportunities, newer companies entice franchisees with the promise of investing in the next big thing. Without experienced management and proper franchise brand management, these new franchise operators may feel like shipmates without a captain, so their profits suffer.

Lack of Brand Voice and Communication

A lot of responsibility falls on CEOs, marketing executives, and regional managers. The most crucial duty—and one that is sometimes the least performed—is communicating with franchisees. This results in the delay or, worse, improper execution of initiatives like marketing new products.

Lack of Meeting Customer Needs

While adhering to the brand is important, marketing must also be adaptable to the demands of clients in various geographic areas. Franchisees on the ground are frequently the greatest candidates to assess these demands. But they are unable to meet them without adaptable technology and a helpful corporate team.

Poor Marketing

Even someone with no prior marketing knowledge may effectively promote successful franchises with the appropriate direction. However, a single franchisee may bring down an entire fleet of previously prosperous franchises if they are given the incorrect tools, poor training, and a weak understanding of brand values.

So, how can franchisors encourage and empower franchisees to market their companies without jeopardizing their reputation as a brand? Digital asset management is the answer.

A lot of people think all you need is a single repository for brand assets when it comes to digital asset management for franchisees. But you’re missing a key point if that is how you think…

Yes, you need a place where franchisees can access all their marketing materials, including brochures, business cards, social media graphics, and email templates.

However, what you actually want is a system that tells franchisees what and when they should access it. One that keeps the brand intact while allowing users to create, save, share, modify, and change the assets.

Therefore, the majority of successful franchisees are using modern digital asset management, which offers a comprehensive solution that helps:

  • One location to share and distribute branded collateral 
  • Accelerate market adoption and expansion 
  • Quickly deploy new campaigns and product offerings 
  • Stay compliant with regulations 
  • Manage multiple collaterals without hassle 
  • Share and publish materials with one click 

Benefits of Digital Asset Management for a Franchise Business

To use DAM, you don’t need an IT background or even extensive training

Franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, and even those with MBAs and years of management experience may lack graphic design expertise. Fortunately, digital asset management solutions can really simplify the viewing, managing, and editing of data and content without the need for some system certification, or extensive training.

Special permissions and user roles

Using the DAM system such as ioMoVo, franchisors may specify various authorization levels for various users. For example, if you have recently purchased a franchise store, and the design team at corporate headquarters may both utilize the same system, even if their permissions will differ. This also implies that users won’t need to learn a completely new system every time their title changes if they switch departments or get promoted within the firm.

DAM is often considered an investment

When a franchisor makes an investment in a system that gives his franchisees control, he is showing to those business owners that he values their contribution to the success of his enterprise. Therefore, when respect and trust are reciprocated, everyone benefits. 

When a franchise grows, the DAM system grows with it

There is nothing worse than an expanding company being slowed down by outdated and inefficient processes. The solution is modern DAM software, since it would not rely on dated filing or the storage of many files on a single PC. Their ability to scale with enterprises is made possible by their cloud storage, secure virtual server, and highly customizable features.

DAM systems empower through integration

A quality DAM system gives local marketers strength since it is a fully integrated tool. The brand’s graphics and marketing materials link to effective marketing templates that enable franchisees to quickly and easily develop a variety of creative assets. Local marketers may therefore produce point of sale displays, and social media postings by connecting the DAM to their network. Most importantly, they can do it while still upholding the integrity of their brand. 

DAM safeguards the brand reputation

One of the biggest dangers that franchisors run when granting franchisees access to their brand is reputational harm. This frequently occurs when the franchisee decides to create their own materials since they do not have access to the properly branded materials.

This sort of misunderstanding is avoided by digital asset management. Your DAM system is essentially a central repository for holding images and videos. Franchisees may find pre-approved marketing video content, document templates, and promotional graphics there.

How ioMoVo Digital Asset Management Can Help Your Business Thrive?

Asset Management

Comprehensive coverage of all the marketing materials your neighborhood residents require, including print, internet, email, social media, and more.

Asset Search

Find what you are looking for quickly and accurately without having to manually search through all your cloud accounts, files, media, and meta tags.

Asset Uploading

Designers and regional marketing teams can both require the ability to upload and tag assets, depending on how your dispersed brand is set up.

Content Metadata Tagging

Effectively auto tag assets and find what you are looking for through global search whenever you need them.

Custom Material Creation

Enabling brand designers, and occasionally franchise marketers, to include additional images, videos and more.

Category Access Management

Provide your team bespoke access rights using a DAM, ensuring that only the right individuals have access to the assets.

When To Implement a Digital Asset Management System?

What is the best time to implement a digital asset management system in place? The sooner, the better. A franchise company with efficient digital asset management can empower franchisees, save time, and increase revenues. So, why not now? A digital asset management system requires more work to develop as companies get more sophisticated, just as it takes more work to break bad marketing practices. 

So, do you want to add your business’s name to the list of successful franchises? Want to make sure your DAM system works for you, not against you? Try ioMoVo for free

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