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No matter what your industry is, ioMoVo helps everyone manage millions of digital assets in one system.


ioMoVo for Everyone

Travel and Hospitality

Educational Institutions

Healthcare Sector

Manufacturing Companies

Non-profit Organization

Ecommerce and Retail

Technology Companies

Creators and Photographers

ioMoVo for Travel and Hospitality Brands

Take better control of your destination images, videos, and marketing materials

For expressing a destination’s appeal, videos and images are essential. ioMoVo lets you manage all your visual content from a single dashboard, ensuring that it goes where it needs to go and perfectly reflects your company. 

Search and share your client’s pictures, documents, films, and other creative items. 

Roles and permissions may be used to control which assets are available to each user.

Review, comment, and approve photographs, videos, and creative assets across teams and locations. 

Securely distribute your digital assets via the web, social media, mobile devices, broadcast, and print. 

ioMoVo’s customizable metadata approach summarizes fundamental information about data, making it easier to find and work with your content. 

ioMoVo for Educational Institutions

Transform your institution's digital assets into stories

No more searching folders for files. For all your photographs, videos, and other digital content, ioMoVo is a completely searchable digital content center.

Manage all of your photos, logos, and videos for your campus, athletic events, and other events in one media library. You may also set up access permissions and privileges for students, employees, and others.

Are you looking for a specific teacher’s or student’s photo? Each photograph in which they appear is only a click away. Smart tagging and face recognition in ioMoVo saves you hours of time and makes your photographs searchable without the need to manually input metadata.

You can record, share, and publish images and videos from live events using ioMoVo. This has enabled schools throughout the world to broadcast live coverage of events to parents and relatives. 

Is the previous version of your logo still circulating? Your ioMoVo library is the only reliable source of information. Users can quickly access authorized files thanks to version controls, user permissions, and expiration dates. 

ioMoVo for Healthcare Sector

Easily manage and share clinical cases, therapeutic areas, or business division content from a central location.

A simple yet powerful solution, ioMoVo’s DAM structure saves cost by repurposing assets and reusing content layouts for various tools and medications without wasting resources on new iterations. 

Centralize content from scattered storage solutions into a single, searchable library. With ioMoVo, there’s no more sifting through folders or hunting down files. Everyone in your organization always knows where to find all the digital content they need.

Looking for a photo of a specific provider? Browse every image they appear in with just a few clicks. Smart search features like facial recognition, text extraction, and AI-assisted tagging save you hours of time and make your content instantly searchable. 

With built-in digital rights management features, it’s easy to protect your organization’s content – and avoid misusing digital assets yourself. You can track copyright information, apply terms of use, link images with consent forms, and more. 

ioMoVo frees busy marketing and creative teams from tedious asset requests. People can access approved content themselves – discover, adapt, and repurpose existing content, preventing duplicate work. 

ioMoVo for Manufacturers

Automate your digital supply chain to reduce time to market

Content that is disorganized slows down marketing teams. ioMoVo keeps your photos, videos, and other digital assets right where you need them. 

Collecting and finding digital assets should be simple and quick. With ioMoVo, you can consolidate material from many storage systems into one searchable library.

New content, such as wire footage or editorial images, can be preserved and made available to downstream news production systems in a media-neutral manner.

Do you require a media DAM that integrates with your IT infrastructure and digital channels? Use the Integration Hub extension. A tool that allows you to combine all your drives onto one platform, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, OneDrive, and many others. 

You have complete control with ioMoVo. With a single click, you may restrict access to certain areas of your library and approve content for distribution. ioMoVo’s digital rights management technologies make it simple to safeguard your brand and intellectual property. 

ioMoVo for a Non-profit Organization

Focus on your mission, not finding and sharing files

ioMoVo Digital asset management helps non-profits to better manage and distribute their brand assets and marketing material across departments, volunteers, and partners.

Centralize content from scattered storage solutions into a single, searchable library. Everything you need is right at your fingertips – making it easy to share with partners, teammates and external collaborators.

ioMoVo allows you to manage the metadata of your assets. On upload, it will parse each file and add all the information to the database. You may also create your own set of custom fields to fit your specific process. 

Allow your team to self-serve by streamlining your operations. ioMoVo relieves marketing and communications teams of time-consuming duties like file management and asset request management. People may help themselves to the brand assets they require, while you keep an eye on things and enforce rules to ensure everything is utilized properly.

ioMoVo for Retailers

Grow sales and strengthen your brand with visual strategy

Content that is disorganized slows down marketing teams. ioMoVo keeps your photos, videos, and other digital assets right where you need them. 

For a clear overview and greater control, save and categorize key visuals and content in one unified platform. Logos, images, icons, audio, and video files all work well in ioMoVo platform. 

Provide users with a library of pre-approved photos that they may view at any time. ioMoVo’s portals provide a branded location for your partners to access all the material they require. 

Approval features provide you control over your material, so you know when it’s ready to go. To provide the correct individuals access to the relevant material, use variable permissions and expiration dates to activate and deactivate seasonal assets.

You won’t have to download and upload images every time you need one. Cloud to Dropbox, to Amazon AWS, you can get immediate access from ioMoVo library. ioMoVo integrates with your existing cloud ecosystem with over 10 out-of-the-box connectors. 

ioMoVo for Tech Companies

Scale fast with a digital content library that can keep up

ioMoVo is a comprehensive hub for your brand’s photos, videos, and other digital assets – so you can stay on top of your growing library and manage content at scale.

Create, share, and manage media files on distant servers at any time and from anywhere without having to worry about the servers’ response time or general performance.

ioMoVo provides indexing attributes such as asset type, version, media type, and technology used to help identify digital material. These characteristics provide an index that groups things with similar tags together to make them simpler to discover. 

Workflow automation is essential for ensuring that the most up-to-date asset is used inside an existing one. As new workflows are developed, version control assures this.

With sophisticated user roles, groups, and permissions, you can guarantee that only authorized users have access and that they can discover the correct content. 

To plan product launches, promotions, and content upgrades, ioMoVo allows you to work efficiently with teams and agencies. 

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