Digital Asset Management for Archivists

Keep all of your digital media assets safe and accessible from any connected device, whenever you need them. 


Preserve your valuable media and make it more accessible while maintaining security.

How do you store your valuable assets? Many companies’ historical assets end up in a digital graveyard, never to be seen again. Some of these assets might have a second life but instead, contribute to wasted ROI. But not anymore. DAM allows you to resurrect even the most notable assets while keeping them safe. 

ioMoVo’s archive asset management focuses on the archiving of media and metadata to build sustainable archives libraries for years and decades to come, with the following features:  

    • Improved search capabilities for better discovery 
    • A wide range of access permissions 
    • Enhanced security for sensitive historical records. 

Why Is Digital Asset Management So Important for Archivists?

Enhanced Search Capabilities

A DAM has advanced search features, allowing users to look for assets using generated keywords, dates, and other criteria. Even if there are millions of assets to sort through, finding what you’re searching for is as easy as entering a keyword and narrowing down the search using filters. These characteristics of a DAM not only provide companies confidence in the management of their digital archives but also give users seeking information a uniform experience.

Flexible Access Permissions

Due to the sheer flexibility of a cloud-based DAM, digital archives can be accessed from anywhere on the globe at any time, but not everyone should have the same access permissions. With the aid of a DAM, companies can now create an unlimited number of user groups and customize their rights and access levels, including their ability to view, share, and download certain asset sets.

Advanced Security

The safety and security of your company’s archives are a top priority when it comes to preserving your history. Therefore, when archives are digitized and stored in a new digital location, archivists must ensure that they are protected with the same level of security as when kept in a physical location, something which DAM systems already do.

Controlled Access

Create specific permission settings for a variety of roles, including internal administrators and public visitors, and customize your platform to create the ideal online information repository for your company. From a secure, world-class data center, all your digital media assets are properly stored and maintained.

How ioMoVo DAM Helps Archivists?

Preserve Your History – Archive

ioMoVo’s Digital Asset Management protects your content with long term security while also allowing your audience to discover, share, and interact with your media libraries all from one highly customizable platform. 

Discover and Re-use

ioMoVo gives archivists and organizations access to high-quality metadata, which is an integral part of any thriving digital asset management (DAM) system. It supports the discovery and re-discovery of digital assets anytime, anywhere. 

Get the Most out of Your Archive

With the ioMoVo in place, archive management can be simple and straightforward, despite its complexity at first glance. It meets your business’s demands, allowing you to improve and rebalance current and future workflows. 

Engage and Activate

ioMoVo’s interactive features make it easy for visitors to discover, navigate, and unlock the value of your archive. You can search huge video collections in seconds, filter results, and find key moments with a single click. 

Get Customizable User Experience

From public archives to classified content, ioMoVo DAM gives you the greatest flexibility for creating the perfect online media library. Our customizable app interface allows you to add your brand, blogs, shopping baskets, forms, translations, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions about DAM for Archivists

A digital asset management system (DAM) consolidates all digital versions of historical materials into a single location, allowing businesses to manage, organize, share, and distribute their preserved content whenever and wherever they need it. Organizations can identify the assets they need more quickly and effectively than ever before by using a DAM to provide self-serve access to assets while preserving asset security.

The basic idea behind archive management is simple: when assets are no longer usable, they are archived in reliable DAM software like ioMoVo in order to save space. This technique is necessary for simplifying day-to-day operations and ensuring that the most recent and in-demand assets are at the forefront.

DAM systems give you the facility to store, search, and manage the latest to outdated copies. Users can also locate the files and data whenever they need them, so DAM basically helps you understand past decisions and respond to discovery requests because you can quickly find all relevant evidence. 

When content libraries are tiny and files numbers are in the hundreds, archive management is seldom an issue. But when they reach tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, you’ll need a scalable digital asset management platform, which allows you to manage all your library storage on one platform. As a result, having dependable DAM software in place simplifies everything. 

Yes, for the long-term preservation and successful rediscovery of history, you can apply metadata as near to the moment of file creation as feasible in your ioMoVo DAM system.

Archive management software provides:
    • 100% protection
    • Allows quick retrieval of data from files
    • Improves office efficiency and productivity
    • Provides better documentation more efficiently

ioMoVo’s Digital Asset Management for archivists includes all the steps you need to complete to get the final result, from preserving the data all the way to rediscovering it. You can easily store, search and rediscover files based on metadata.   

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