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Digital Asset Management for Animation and Games

Get better at your game art. ioMoVo is the only digital asset management and collaboration solution designed for game studios and digital artists. 


What Can Asset Management Do for You?

Avoid hours of frustration

There are no more complex folder hierarchies and confusing names to learn. Search, filter, tag, and sort, so you can easily find the content you need.

Eliminate wasted work

Tired of stakeholders giving you late feedback forcing you to start from scratch? A continuous context review will mean fewer meetings and more efficiency.

Reduce risk to games and assets

Git, Perforce & Subversion were designed for software engineers, not artists. Finally, ioMoVo’s version control is designed specifically to meet the needs of digital artists.

Importance of DAM for Animation and Gaming Studios

How ioMoVo DAM Helps Animation and Gaming Companies?

Locate your files, like a ninja

It’s no fun searching without a preview or tags. Stop looking through dozens of folders for the documents you need. ioMoVo lets you preview, search, tag, and organize files in no time. 

Review assets from anywhere and at any time

You don’t need to hire a third party to go through your art files. ioMoVo works with a wide range of file types, so you can view, review, and share files with anybody on your team directly. 

Organize assets your way

Library of textures. Props from libraries. Library for models, characters, chairs, spaceships—create anything you want. When combined with tags, you have a sophisticated asset management system that can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Iterate, with confidence

It is not necessary for version control to be chaotic. Do not succumb to branch weariness. Remove the complexity of source control systems and replace it with version control designed specifically for artists. 

Integrate to expand

As your digital gatekeeper, rely on ioMoVo DAM’s strong media rights management features.

    • Access information about usage rights and copyrights
    • Manage usage rights for each asset
    • Know embargo and expiration dates
    • Keep track of all an asset’s previous and present uses

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Frequently asked questions about DAM for Animation and Gaming Studio

      • Streamlined collaboration 
      • Improved brand consistency 
      • Access control 
      • Content ideas and statistical analysis 
      • Added protection 
      • Multiple integrations 

The ioMoVo DAM acts as a content ecosystem for animators and gaming firms. It reduces the need for traditional DAM file management, uploads, and downloads. ioMoVo can manage all data in one place. 

DAM technology for animation and gaming companies may integrate directly with business processes, enabling more efficient workflows through asset management automation. 

ioMoVo DAM can store almost anything. A “DAM system” refers to a digital library of media files. Images, images, creative works, videos, audio files, presentations, documents, and much more are all handled. 

Animators and game designers can simply manage digital assets using DAM with access to over a million digital assets kept in ioMoVo’s DAM with fast ways to discover, share, and distribute images. 

DAM was originally largely used to store rich media assets like images and movies for use in interactive online marketing. Today’s animators and game designers, on the other hand, have more challenges in quickly developing and transmitting digital video. More material must now be delivered due to the growing number of screens and devices. DAM has therefore evolved into a two-pronged system that handles all the organization’s digital assets, including huge video files, relevant marketing material, and metadata, thanks to ioMoVo.

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