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Best Free Cloud Storage Aggregator in 2022 – ioMoVo

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular with millions of people, so most users have more than one cloud drive account and could really benefit from a cloud storage aggregator. But what exactly is a cloud storage aggregator? Let’s start with an overview.

What is Cloud Storage Aggregator?

A cloud aggregator is a solution, usually in the form of an application, that can combine all your cloud storage accounts into one single interface. Users connect their cloud accounts and afterwards they only need to log in to the application to see all of their accounts along with their content.  The consumer often saves money by using this integration, which combines services from many cloud providers, as opposed to paying for each service separately.

Why Would You Need a Cloud Storage Aggregator?

The landscape of data storage for businesses has transformed as a result of cloud computing and cloud storage services. Users can now store vast volumes of data on the cloud without spending extra money on hardware or software, giving them quick access to their content from anywhere. However, utilizing and depending on a single cloud storage provider might have difficulties, like data transfer limits, security issues, a potential loss of crucial data, etc.

When a company selects only one cloud storage solution, the risk is focused on that single service provider, who may not always provide their promised SLA. When a provider of cloud storage services files for bankruptcy, the business suffers, and the client panics since they only have a short time to get their data back and locate new cloud storage space.

So, how can cloud storage customers prevent the risk of losing access to their priceless cloud data?  Many organizations choose to diversify their cloud portfolio and divide their storage among different providers.  This model can be used where different departments use different clouds, or the enterprise may use the same cloud, which then backs up to another cloud.  However, the more cloud accounts an organization has, the more administration is required.  The solution is to still make use of many cloud accounts however integrate and centralize them into a single platform such as ioMoVo’s Integration Hub, which makes them all available and accessible in the same experience.

With cloud aggregator software, users may choose multiple cloud storage accounts to quickly access all cloud data through a single cloud management interface, eliminating the dependency on a single cloud storage service.

Best Free Cloud Storage Aggregator Available – ioMoVo Integration Hub

Integration hub

With a decent cloud aggregator, customers may manage different cloud storage providers and information saved in many clouds with a single login. Therefore, the best way to avoid any problems that can result from depending on a single cloud provider is to use a variety of cloud providers coupled with effective cloud aggregation software.

ioMoVo’s Integration Hub is a perfect cloud aggregator that revolutionizes cloud aggregation with the bring-you-own-storage (BYOS) model that is getting serious attention.  It is free to use (for 30 days) and does not require any client installation or complex enterprise integrations or deployments. One of ioMoVo’s benefits is that it is fully web-based. For a variety of reasons, customers save data on many cloud storage accounts, and they may move to other cloud storage providers as needed by utilizing a cloud aggregator like Integration Hub.

Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Remote Upload, and Share are the primary features of ioMoVo. By utilizing ioMoVo’s capabilities, you may host all your cloud accounts there, improving data management and file transfer between cloud providers. The most recent ioMoVo release now supports widely used cloud storage providers, including:

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Box, Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP and any other Shared Drive that you own.  The ioMoVo team is also happy to provide custom integrations for enterprise-level applications.

There are both free and premium versions of ioMoVo. Unlike the free account, which has restrictions, the premium subscription has none.

Not Only a Cloud Storage Aggregator

Besides merging multiple cloud storage accounts, what other functions does ioMoVo Integration Hub provide?

Cloud Transfer: This function enables you to transfer data instantly between two or more cloud storage accounts without the need to download and upload files or switch accounts, like in the case of moving Google Drive to SharePoint.

Cloud Sync: As the name implies, Cloud Sync will synchronize the specified folders of two cloud drives so that all the file data is the same on both sides. There are two sync options available:

    • Schedule Sync: You can plan data synchronization at specific points in time.
    • Real-time Sync: Anytime there are updates, data is automatically synchronized.

Device Sync: If you use many devices, such as Android, iPhone, and iPad, Device Sync securely and effortlessly transports the data where you need them.

Cloud Backup: Cloud Backup allows for the backup of specific file data from one cloud storage location to another, for example, Google Drive to Dropbox.

Remote Upload: Remote tasks are designed to allow you to instantly save files from URLs, magnet links, and torrent files on the Internet to offline cloud storage. To save data, such as torrent files and http/https/magnet links, you only need to choose the cloud storage option and add the URLs. 

Share:  ioMoVo now offers a number of options to share folders, including:

    • Share Links One-to-one: Use direct links, email sharing, lightboxes, and web galleries to share in a way that works for you.
    • Publish to Branded Portals: Jumping across platforms is not good. It wastes time and also creates a mess in its wake. Consequently, push your assets directly to the platforms that utilize them without undergoing any additional steps.
    • Push Assets with Embedding: To hasten the publication process of your web work, create links and embed codes. Constantly keep any published assets current and ensure that any changes are reflected right away.

How to Use ioMoVo to Aggregate Cloud Storage Accounts?

There are two ways to get started with ioMoVo. For example, if you have a Gmail account, you can choose Google and enter your credentials and directly authenticate with Google to create an account and log in. Once you logged in.

Merging several cloud storage accounts is a three-step process that is relatively straightforward.

Step 1. Sign up for ioMoVo and log in.

Step 2. Then click “Integration Hub” and choose the cloud drive you wish to add. As an example, consider Google Drive. Choose Google Drive and give ioMoVo permission to access Google Drive.

Step 3. To install more cloud disks and file storage servers, simply repeat the previous steps. You can manage multiple cloud storage accounts effortlessly once you’ve added all of your cloud drives.


Cloud storage is growing exponentially and is here to stay for the near future, so are your files in the clouds. Therefore, using the best free cloud storage aggregator– ioMoVo- makes it simple to combine cloud storage accounts or transfer data from one cloud drive to another, and the UI is beautifully designed and simple to use. It is a very convenient and practical web application, especially for users who frequently use cloud drives. Want to try it for free? Sign up here.

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